Mini-Retreats in the Corporate Setting

Many Corporations have discovered that if they give their employees an arranged break from the Corporate setting that it has many benefits. At the same time, due to the nature of the business and the employees themselves, lengthy retreats are not always possible or necessary. There is still a solution, and that is mini-retreats.

Fitness Breaks

Companies are compelled to give their employees designated breaks. Sometimes additional breaks like a mini-retreat can benefit both the company and the employees. A prime example would be a half-day retreat for the staff to learn yoga which they could practice during their normal breaks and lunchtime.

A Trip to the Country

Most Corporations are situated in big cities or industrial areas. A change of scenery can be a great mini retreat for these employees. A visit to a farm is an ideal mini getaway. Especially if it is to something like a dairy farm.


Some type of retreat where there can be some participation and interaction is a good choice. Keeping in mind that employees are both male and female and different ages. Planning something for the fit may not be a good choice as some employees are going to be left out. However, a trip to something like a chocolate factory may be of something of great interest. Or even an afternoon where everyone goes to see a show is another option.

Day Spa

A trip to a day spa can be placed in the category of a mini-retreat. Some may think this is not fitting for the men, but it is quite surprising as to just how many men enjoy being pampered.

The benefits of a mini-retreat apply to both the employees and the company. It is important that management participates in this as well. It gives the leaders a chance to socialise with the employees and allows them to get to know each other better.