Great Retreats to Utilize for your Employees

Deciding to provide corporate retreats for employees may be the easiest decision to make. One that is harder is deciding on what retreat would be the best.

Rough and Ready Retreats

Which retreats are going to be the best choice should be partly based on the personalities of the employees in general. For example, a business that is involved in demanding physical work may do well to choose a rough and ready type of retreat. These can be ones that are completely organised through a company that specialises in corporate retreats. Or an alternative is for the Corporation to plan the retreat by themselves. The advantage of doing this is that activities can be incorporated that is going to help benefit the company. For example, activities that revolve around trust and leadership and will require communication. All assets that can benefit the company.

Amusement Parks

This is potentially another good type of retreat. The risk here is that employees will go off on their own and not remain in the group setting. Planning to put the employees into groups according to their interests may be a good step. For example, those that are daring and are willing to try out some of those big rides could be one group. While those who are into exhibits could form another group. At some point in time, all groups should come together to share their experiences. A good time for this would be at dinner time where the schedule is that everyone will dine together.

Tourist Retreats

Ironically many employees who are working through the week don’t get the opportunity to enjoy some of the tourist attractions that may be close by them. Planning a half-day retreat to visit one of these once a month could be a great success. It gives employees something to look forward and something in common for them to talk about among each other.

Planning the Retreat

If the retreat is not planned for properly no matter how good it is, it will not meet the purposes for having the retreat in the first place.

The Purpose

There are different reasons for having a retreat. Some of the reasons are:

  • To reward the employees
  • To boost their morale
  • To help set some standards
  • To encourage more teamwork
  • To create a relationship between employees and management

The Event

The next part of the planning is to choose the event. This can be challenging because there are so many different personalities to be dealt with. It is easier to focus on the needs of the introverts rather than the extroverts. The latter will make the best of any situation where the introverts will not.

While making sure there is a full roster for the retreat is important, so is making sure that there is some free time available. Not everyone functions at the same pace. Some individuals may tire from a full day of events. These individuals will appreciate some free time to regenerate themselves. Those who are more active will find plenty to do with their free time.