Developing a Time Management Plan

For those that are struggling with time management, it can create havoc in their life. The best approach to find a remedy for this problem is to develop a time management plan.

Planning for the Busy Lifestyle

It is not everyone that has a busy lifestyle that struggles with time management. Most often, the tips that are available for this problem focus on these individuals. There are some who live a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have to be that way. The very fact that they are always busy could be as a result of poor time management.

Getting Organized

A time management plan is the first step to getting organised. Often one of the reasons struggle with using their time effectively is because they are not organised. A simple first step like this can mean huge progress in managing time.

The Plan

The plan has to incorporate the steps that are going to be taken to help take control over time. For this, to work, the planner has to know how much time is available to them that is reasonable.

Quite often, those who are battling time management are spending far too many hours on tasks that they should feel be completed in far less. For example, an individual that averages an eight hour day that doesn’t have issues with time management finds this time sufficient. Another person with the exact same workload that is having problems with managing their time may be dedicating ten to twelve hours or more to their responsibilities and still not making any headway.

The plan has to outline the time availability, and the rest of the plan revolves around this.


There are some great resources that can be utilised for the carrying out of the plan. These should be identified and listed in the plan. For example, if there is software that can help, then this should be identified as to where in the plan it fits in. Another resource is people. A lot of people that have trouble with time management take on far too much. They are the individuals that have convinced themselves that they can do everything. Partly because they feel that they should be able to. Delegating tasks is part of using time efficiently.

Some may think that time management only applies to the working world. There are busy stay at home Moms who feel swamped with their responsibilities and guilty because they don’t get everything accomplished.